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The global hostel industry generated over $6.0 billion in revenues in 2019 which is expected to increase to $7.5 billion by 2023. Hostel travelers (and many parents of hostel travelers) are uncertain of the safety of a shared lodging experience. Hostel owners are also uncertain of how new social distancing requirements will impact operations and need an affordable replacement to the traditional bunk bed. 

Revenue: $935 m

Supply: 27% 

Revenue: $620 m

Supply: 22%

Revenue: $492 m 

Supply: 3%

Revenue: $429 m

Supply: 4%

U.S. & Canada

L. America & Caribbean

Australia & N. Zealand


Middle East & Africa

Revenue: $101 m

Supply: 4%


Revenue: $2,679 m

Supply: 40%

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