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Where Will We Be Located?

We target the most expensive urban destinations in the U.S. These cities are in high demand but traditional hotels keep increasing nightly rates beyond what regular citizens and travelers can afford.

Can Guests Sign Up for Events, Activities, & Excursions Before Arrival?

Definitely! We actually prefer guests sign up before arrival so we can plan appropriately. However, we will reserve some slots for the spontaneous traveler.  We also come up with fun activities last minute and use instant messaging to communicate with guests. 

How Does The Food Hall & Retail Support Our Concept?

Our food hall and retail will bring in stable long-term tenants as anchors with short-term popups bringing creativity and limited time offerings to guests and the local community. Tenants receive access to the Gen Z and Millennial generations to test products while guests receive access to new, exciting products. 

How Do We Enhance The Guest Payment Experience?

Guests receive a secure, stylish, RFID enabled silicon wristband to access common areas, assigned room, and assigned bathroom. Guest wristbands also allows for easy cashless payment at the food hall, retail, and beverage outlets. 

How Do We Manage Guest Privacy?

Guest data is very important to us so any data collected is tied to just the wristband device and never tied to a guest. Also, since we don't offer any loyalty rewards program or retain guest payment information, guests have piece of mind knowing that their data is never at risk from hackers.  

Who Operates Beverage Service?

Alchemist Hostels will operate all alcoholic beverage service in the food hall, and rooftop space if developed. Us retaining beverage service benefits food popup concepts who may be limited on capital and not want the burden of obtaining a liquor license for a short term.










Whether you're interested in our research, our concept, ownership, or management opportunities;

we are always available to have a conversation.

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